2009 Keuring Update!

Vador and Harma both make Star!

Vador was first up at the Keuring in Morristown, TN and received the rating of "Star Stallion". He was asked to be evaluated further by the judges at the end of the day. They looked him over again, walked and trotted him on the pavement, then said, " He may be a stallion candidate." They then asked for fertility tests and x-rays to be done and sent to the FPS in Holland. Click the links for video and pictures.

Harma came out later in the day and was also awarded Star. She was asked to come back with other winning mares and was awarded "Champion Mare"!
We had only been able to take her to a Keuring one time before and that was with Vador on her side and she didn't make it at that time. We were so proud of her making it after almost 4 years. Here are some of her pictures.

We've set up a Blog where you can leave comments and follow our horses progress if you like.

Who we are!

Hello, Michael and I, Michelle would like to welcome you to our website. We are a small farm currently located in Franklin, Kentucky. We moved from Carrollton, Georgia in 2008 to purchase a nice little farm where we could enjoy the best of both worlds - our families and our horses. With Michelle's family being primarily in Georgia and Michael's family being from SE Missouri - Franklin, Kentucky was right in the middle and just seemed the perfect place. With Kentucky being known as the "Horse Capital of the World" - we purchased our little piece of the world and dug in with both feet to build our dream.

With a love of horses that was insatiable and with us having owned most every breed throughout the years, we realized our dream several years ago to own, breed and raise nice quality Friesian horses. Simple, pure, and raised with love, our Friesians would be nurtured to allow them to be the horses they naturally would develop into. We put everything we can into the love and care of our horses. Personally we own several breeds and put all that same devotion into each and every one of our horses. As true "horsemen", we love all horses and feel that every breed has something wonderful and positive to offer. We promote the love and honor of the horse, no matter the breed, the color, or the discipline .

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Our 3 yr old Friesian Stallion

His First Show



Baroque, proud, and wonderfully loving, Harma is the love of our lives..Read more...


Striking and curious, Zoie has bloomed into a gorgeous young lady Read more...

Our Friesians

Our dream began to be put into motion with the purchase of Harma fan Veldbos - FPS registered Friesian Mare. We fell in love with her baroque style, her beautifully soft eye, and her loving nature. She was carefully chosen and imported from Holland to our home in Carrollton, Georgia in 2006. Being in foal to Doaitsen 420, 2009 Reserve Champion of Friesian Stallions, she and he produced a stunning stud colt foaled March 10th, 2006. Being very strong and surprisingly independent from the very first day - We named him Vador. We then researched the Approved Friesian Stallions and bred Harma back to Wander 352 - Sire to Doaitsen 420, in 2006 in hopes to getting another outstanding offspring. Harma and Wander produced a wonderful filly April 5th, 2007. Having had a rough start and proving to have a zesty fight for life - We named her Zoie.

Harma fan Veldbos - Baroque, proud, and wonderfully loving, Harma is the love of our lives. Trained in both English and Western she is an amazing all around performer. A wonderful mother who produces top quality, this mare is an all in one that has so much to offer. She will always be with us. She is our "First Love".

Vador - Bold, beautiful, and absolutely stunning, Vador has grown up and has proved to be a very promising stallion full of raw talent and outstanding potential that we have only just began to tap into. From a 2nd Premie at his foal Keuring to bringing home the First place for Stallion in Hand and Grand Champion of all Friesians this past April at the Spring Feathered Horse Classic held at the "Celebration" in Shelbyville, TN, with only 30 days under saddle. We are very proud of our baby boy. Vador also placed consistently 3rd against other very well seasoned horses with years of experience over him in his many performance classes. He did very well and we could not be more pleased. At his 3 year Keuring this September he made Star Stallion and was selected to send his xrays and fertility testing to the KFPS to become a possible approved Stallion! Wish us luck!

Zoie - Striking and curious, Zoie has bloomed into a gorgeous young lady with a heart of fire and a strong will to overcome and conquer any obstacles placed in her way. Standing at 15.3 at the age of 2 years, this filly is strong,healthy and full of energy. With a curiosity that is everlasting, she seems to always be into something. Vador did not hold a candle to this little miss when it came to "getting into everything". A very smart and fast learning filly, she really seems eager to please and impress.


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