Our Mares

Our dream has a basis in which we need to have a good solid foundation to build from. We have carefully chosen our mares with expectations to produce top quality, sound, and gentle offspring willing and able to perform to the highest levels of any discipline. As we respect and enjoy all breeds, we have chosen a select few to build our Mare Lines from. We strongly feel that every breed has something wonderful to offer - finding that right combination is what makes the difference. These mares all have a special place in our hearts and a loving place at our home.

Knight Wind Farms' Mares

Harma Borouque, proud, and wonderfully loving, Harma is the love of our lives.. Read more...

ZoieStriking and curious, Zoie has bloomed into a georgious young lady Read more....

Love Song A Beautifully sound minded Arabian, Love has a touch of Spanish flare. Read more...

Meet the Ladies

Harma fan Veldbos - Foaled in Holland March 16, 2002. Borouque, proud, and wonderfully loving, Harma is the love of our lives. Trained in both English and Western by Michelle, she is an amazing all around performer. Currently training in Dressage, English Pleasure, and Western Trail, Harma is a joy to ride. She is so willing and giving and really enjoys pleasing her rider.

A wonderful mother who produces top quality, this mare is an all in one that has so much to offer. She is a very attentive and loving mother and foals with ease. She is very hardy and just excells at everything asked of her. She is such a gentle soul. We love to pet her and listen as she purs and rests her head on our shoulders or in our hands. She will always be with us as she is our "First Love".

Due to real life tragedies, we have had to wait to present Harma for Ster consideration in the past couple of years. She is currently being conditioned and will be presented this September for Ster. I feel she is perfect...I hope the judges also feel the same.

Zoie - Foaled April 5th, 2007 at our farm in Carrollton, Georgia - Zoie is striking and curious and has bloomed into a georgious young lady with a heart of fire and a strong will to overcome and concqure any obsticles placed in her way. Standing at 15.3 at the age of 2 years, this filly is strong,healthy and full of energy. With a curiosity that is everlasting, she seems to always be into something. Vador did not hold a candle to this little miss when it came to "getting into everything". A very smart and fast learning filly, she really seems eager to please and impress.

Zoie is currently living the life of a horse and is being allowed to blossom without any pressure.Being imprinted at birth, and handled daily, Zoie knows, respects, and loves the humans in her life. We will begin her formal training next year in preparations of her 3 year keuring where she will be presented for Ster and Studbook. Until then, she loves just being able to run free and play with the other horses. Although she does get jealous when the other horses ride off and she is left behind. Oh well, she will get there soon enough.

Love Song - Foaled April 20th,1999 in Alabama, Love is a beautifully typie Arabian mare with a touch of Spanish flare and the sound body and mind of her ancestors. Her pedigree sports such greats as Lamolin, Barich De Washoe, AldebaranII, El Paso, Goynia on top and Gdansk, Bask, Gdynia, Bolero, and WitezII on the bottom. These are some fine lines and you can see it in the way she moves. Being partial to the grey and flea bitten color, she is a site to behold. Very flashy and full of life, this mare has the moves.

Catching my eye, we welcomed her into our family with open arms. Planning for a future of riding, breeding, showing and trail riding, this mare has such promise that just couldn't be passed up. Currently in training for trail and show, Love is doing so well. She has a determined attidude and a strong will and gives 110% to anything you asked of her. We are anticipating a very bright future with this little girl.

Baby - Being a 7 year old grade with a little Arab and possibly a litte Appaloosa mixed in, this mare has really earned a place in my heart. Anticipating the breeding season putting me out of a decent trail horse, I went in search of a nice, but reasonably priced mare to fill the position. I heard of Baby through a friend and went to check her out. She reminded me so much of my first horse, Silkie, that I fell right in love with her. She didn't even have to perform really, as a matter of fact she was still very green broke. It all didnt matter. I knew I could put the training to her and all would work out ok

Baby has a very catchy personality - kind of alot like my own. She is a sweet, sweet girl with a little bit of spit and fire thrown in. She is very vocal and likes to complain and fuss about some things like being asked to go into the canter when in the round pen, playing chase in the pasture, or being left behind on the trail by other horses haha. Either way - I love her to death - attitude and all. We make a very good pair.

Currently she is my main trail horse when I am not excersizing or conditioning the others and we have a blast on the trail. I may do a little open showing with her for fun and I continue to lesson with her. She is just as her name describes...my baby.

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